NFU welcomes Morrisons' extension of 'For Farmers' range into eggs

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Sales of the 'Chuckle Eggs' brand will see an extra 1p per egg going back to the farmers who have produced them. The move also helps promote medium-sized eggs to shoppers, and rewards the delivery of environmental benefits by farmers.

Chuckle Eggs will be available exclusively in Morrisons stores nationwide. The brand will be sold as a box of 12 medium-sized eggs. The move is part of Morrisons' ‘For Farmers’ range, which was introduced in October 2015 and delivers part of the retail price paid for products directly back to farmers. ‘Milk For Farmers’ was first in the range and since its introduction has generated nearly £17 million of extra income for farmers.

Eggs sold under the ‘Chuckle Eggs’ brand will come from free-range hens that have access to fields that contain added measures to increase biodiversity on farm, such as additional trees and wildflowers.

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NFU national poultry board chairman Thomas Wornham said:

“We are really pleased to see Morrisons take steps to promote medium eggs with consumers, alongside the delivery of environmental benefits and increased returns to farmers.
"For a while now, we have seen retailers and consumers preferring large eggs, leading to an unbalance in demand compared to the spectrum of egg sizes that a laying hen produces throughout a flock cycle.
"We welcome Morrisons’ move to highlight to the public the importance of buying medium eggs, which will also benefit hen welfare and reduce pressure on the market for large eggs, while rewarding farmers for the hard work they put in by directly paying them an increased price.”

Addressing demand for large eggs

It is thought that demand for large eggs by consumers, and therefore retailers, is due to the belief that they are better value for money than medium eggs.

A medium egg is roughly 10 grams smaller than a large egg, but still provides 6.4g of protein. This makes medium eggs very good value for money.

Buying medium or mixed weight boxes of eggs is a great way for consumers to help support the range of egg sizes that a hen will naturally produce.

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