Bluetongue: 50 new cases in France


France has reported more than 50 new cases of BTV-4 in the Haute Savoie, Ain and Saone et Loire regions.

No animals (cattle, sheep nor goats) were exhibiting clinical signs.

The finding of BTV-4 in several regions now (see map above), alongside the likely source of disease which is presumed to be imported animals from Corsica which entered France during the vector free season in early 2017, means that disease is unlikely to be eradicated now and instead a BTV-4 / BTV-8 restriction zone has been put in place across the whole of mainland France.

Animals must be correctly vaccinated against BTV-4 and BTV-8 or be naturally immune to both virus serotypes, prior to leaving the restriction zone.

If keepers wish to take animals, for show purposes, to a restriction zone and then return to a free area, they will need to make sure the animals are vaccinated against both virus serotypes prior to travelling into the Restriction Zone in France.

The UK vector season, particularly in the South of England, has not come to a close yet.

There is vaccine available for BTV-8 and farmers are encouraged to discuss this option with their vet.

Read the Defra Outbreak Assessment here

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