Beet price tracker

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All current sugar beet contracts include a market-related price element, linked to the average EU white sugar price between October and September of the relevant marketing year. The latest price to be published was for November 2020 at €379/t.

UK beet price tracker

£/adjusted tonne

Base price, £/t

Bonus, €/t (latest month)

ECB £/€ rate (monthly average)

Bonus, £/t
(latest month)

Bonus, £/t (cumulative to date)

2020 one-year contract

£20.99 (contracted at £19.60 / zero crown)





2018 three-year contract






2020 three-year contract£21.90 (contracted at £20.45 / zero crown)0-00

Bonuses apply when EU+UK price >€475/t (2018 contract), >€400/t (2020 3-year contract) or >€375/t (2020 1-year contract).

For more information look out in your monthly Beet Brief, and at the information linked below.

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