2023/24 sugar campaign preview

13 October 2023

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

NFU Beet Intake Manager

A sugar beet harvester

With the sugar beet harvest now underway NFU Sugar Beet Intake Manager Sarah Smith tells growers what they need to know ahead of the 2023/24 campaign.

Factory contacts

The beginning of another campaign means a new team of seasonal staff based throughout each of British Sugar’s four factories.

They ensure that sampling and testing procedures are undertaken correctly to give growers confidence that they are being paid fairly for every load that they deliver.

NFU Sugar factory contacts can be reached at any time during beet intake opening hours.

Complaints and appeals procedures

British sugar team 2023/24

The new team of seasonal workers prepare for work at British Sugar factories.

Complaints should be lodged with a grower’s NFU Sugar factory contact. It is recommended that growers check their load information via MyBritishSugar regularly to ensure they are raised in a timely manner.

To raise a complaint, the following information is required:

  1. Sugar beet contract (title and number are needed),
  2. Grower telephone number
  3. Serial number and delivery date of sampled load(s) in question,
  4. Details of complaint,
  5. Flag status (if any),
  6. Any other relevant information.

A grower can appeal the result of a declined complaint at any time up until a month after the final factory closing date. You may find it useful to discuss the reasons for a complaint having been declined with the Beet Intake Manager on 07968 321 792, before taking your decision on whether to make an appeal.

More information on complaints and appeals can be found in the 23/24 British Sugar Grower Handbook. For any payment enquiries growers should contact the My British Sugar Farm Support Team on 0900 090 2376.

Important information

It may be a new campaign, but a lot of the key messages for growers remain the same:

  • Take care to top accurately. While over-crowning risks leaving yield in the field, removing insufficient greenery can lead to excessive content within loads and payment penalties.
  • Make sure to use a cleaner/loader where possible to avoid excessive dirt tares and payment penalties.
  • Ensure that all loads are risk-assessed and safe. If a load is visible over the top of the wagon it must be sheeted.
  • Remember the Factory Forum is your opportunity to hear the latest on all things beet intake. Keep an eye on your inbox for your invitation this October.

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