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19 September 2023

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Are you a student in England or Wales that's writing a dissertation about the food supply chain? The NFU is offering you the chance to win £150 as well as access to a range of industry contacts.

Sponsorship details

The NFU is looking for students currently studying an undergraduate degree whose project or dissertation is linked to the following topics:

  • British food retailers
  • Manufacturers/UK food brands
  • Sustainable supply chain collaboration or engagement 
  • Another topic linked to food supply chains

About the NFU and NFU food business unit

The NFU is one of the UK’s largest trade association, representing 46,000 farming and growing businesses across England and Wales and is regarded as one of the most effective lobbying organisations in Europe, negotiating with governments and pressure groups at a local, national, European and international level.

The farm business unit is responsible for representing British farmers across the supply chain working with retailers and the out of home market to back British farming.

Benefits for you

Should you be successful, you will gain the expertise of our highly knowledgeable teams and contacts throughout the year, offering help and guidance in completing your dissertation project.

You will also be invited to visit NFU HQ and upon completion of your project, you will be awarded £50. In return we ask for complete access to your work.

How to get involved

Simply complete the NFU Dissertation Sponsorship Form and send it to [email protected] by 10 November.

Read about past winners:

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