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06 May 2022

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Find out the key dates and application advice for the Countryside Stewardship and Environmental Stewardship window.

The annual revenue claim window for farmers and land managers with existing Countryside Stewardship (CS) and Environmental Stewardship (ES) is open and closes soon.

This is when agreement holders including those with 2022 agreements, can claim for the annual payments outlined in their agreement.

Submitting without penalty

The deadline for submitting an annual revenue claim and supporting documents without penalty is midnight on 16 May 2022.

Claim as soon as possible

Claims can be made until midnight on 10 June 2022, but these will be with penalties – the Rural Payment Agency (RPA) applies a 1% reduction to the claim for each working day it is late, until midnight on 10 June 2022.

If no claim is made in these timeframes, no payment will be made. Agreement holders are encouraged to claim as soon as they are able to ensure the claim is submitted ahead of the deadline.

The RPA has confirmed that its helpline will be open from 8:30am to 2pm over the weekends of 7-8 May and 14-15 May to offer support ahead of the deadline for BPS applications and entitlement transfers and submission of CS and ES revenue claims.

Call the RPA on 03000 200301.

Key dates

15 March 2022
Opening of revenue claims.

16 May 2022 (midnight)
Deadline for submitting a revenue claim without penalties.

31 May 2022 (midnight)
Deadline to make changes to a revenue claim (without penalty) after it has been submitted.

10 June 2022 (midnight)
Deadline for late claim submissions and any changes to a revenue claim (with penalty).

1 September 2022
Deadline to confirm the locations of rotational options.

Environmental Stewardship

The RPA will send Environmental Stewardship (ES) 2022 claim forms out in March either by email or post. To receive a paper copy of the claim form, call the RPA on 03000 200301 to request one.

For more information on ES claims, read the RPA guide How to complete your 2022 Environmental Stewardship revenue claim form.

For capital works claims under Higher Level Stewardship (HLS), contact the RPA to request a capital works claim form. Claims can be made throughout the year when work is complete as specified in the agreement.

For further information, read How to get paid under an ES agreement: Environmental Stewardship.

Countryside Stewardship

Online claims
To claim online and update personal and business information agreement holders should use the Rural Payments service.

Detail about how to submit an CS claim online can be found here: How to submit a revenue claim online.

When submitting an online claim remember to:

  • check and change your information
  • complete the details of your claim
  • confirm your information and submit

Claim form – post or email

If unable to claim online, agreement holders can call the RPA to request a Countryside Stewardship revenue claim form. Use the RPA guide to find out how to complete your CS revenue claim for 2022.

Agreement holders can then post, or scan and email completed claim forms, any supporting documents and evidence back to the RPA and before the deadlines.

When emailing documents to the RPA, use the RPA guide: Emailing documents to the Rural Payments Agency.

Countryside Stewardship RPA

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