Consultation on Grimsby to Walpole transmission infrastructure

12 March 2024

Electricity pylon

National Grid has announced the commencement of the first non-statutory consultation for the Grimsby to Walpole transmission infrastructure project in Lincolnshire. 

The proposed project aims to construct approximately 140 kilometres of transmission infrastructure as part of The Great Grid Upgrade, as well as five new substations.

National Grid has stated this is needed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A projected increase in North-South power flows, anticipating a need to transfer 25.9GW of electricity between the North and Midlands by 2033.
  • New sources of electricity connecting to the region, including up to 18.6GW of new generation projects by the mid 2030s, and 5.8GW of subsea links.

The NFU has submitted a comprehensive response to this consultation on behalf of all members affected. In this response, any issues that impact our members that require attention from National Grid were raised.

13 March 2024

Consultation closes

This consultation has now closed.

12 February 2024

NFU responds to Grimsby to Walpole consultation

The NFU responded to the consultation on behalf of farmers and growers.

Our response highlights issues including the lack of consideration for both underground and offshore options, while asking for further detail into these options.

It also outlines the cumulative impact of the project with other projects in the area, and asks National Grid to consider the stress and difficulty faced by members impacted by multiple schemes.

The response also explores in further detail:

  • The potential for undergrounding of electric cables
  • Requirement for Network Reinforcement
  • Alternative Tower Types
  • New substations
  • Connection to grid for on farm generation
  • Environmental mitigation and Biodiversity Net Gain
  • Impact on Agricultural Businesses
  • Amount of land to be taken for the scheme
  • Engagement with landowners

NFU members can download our response in full at: Grimsby to Walpole NFU consultation response.

18 January 2024

National Grid launches first stage of public consultation

This stage of the consultation represents the early development phase, and National Grid is seeking feedback on its preferred strategic options.

The strategic options include the potential emerging preferred corridor and the graduated swathe, which will outline the route for the project broken down into 11 sections. It also includes the potential locations of the five new connection substations.

For more detail, links to the and the initial consultation materials, affected members should visit the National Grid’s website at | Grimsby to Walpole.

For any inquiries or further information, you can contact the National Grid’s Community Relations team at 0800 0129 153 or [email protected].

The NFU strongly encourages all affected farmers affected by the graduated swathe to actively participate in this consultation.

This page was first published on 05 February 2024. It was updated on 12 March 2024.

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  • 29 February 2024: NFU submits response. 
  • 18 January 2024: National Grid Launches Consultation for Grimsby to Walpole Transmission Infrastructure.