Coronavirus: advice for employers

29 November 2021

Coronavirus public information

The NFU’s Specialist Advice Team is monitoring the impact of Covid-19 in the workplace. Our Q&A pages are updated as and when new information and guidance is released.

The pace at which the news and law developed at the start of the pandemic has significantly slowed down, but we are clearly not out of this situation. There still needs to be a ‘watch this space’ approach for any further changes that may be brought in.

Employers should be communicating with employees the steps that are being taken to protect them.

As part of this they should consider whether they require their employees to tell them:

  • if they have any symptoms
  • have tested positive for Covid-19, or
  • live with someone or are in a support bubble with someone who has symptoms.

As well as the information that we have included on these pages, we also have further guidance on our member exclusive: Working safely during coronavirus: Advice on making your business 'COVID-secure' page.

One of the key pieces of advice is to keep in contact with your employees no matter what reason they may be away from the workplace, so that you can keep them updated with any developments or changes affecting their employment and to offer support where you are able to do so.

At times, there will be differences between the rules and regulations in force in England and Wales.

The government have published a timetable for the lifting of restrictions in England as part of its ‘Living with Covid-19’ plan:  

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