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Are you interested in finding out how effective your IPM approach is at suppressing pests and disease this season?

As part of its IPM network, ADAS is inviting farmers and advisors to send cereal crop in-field assessments at GS73-75.

The assessment should take no more than 30 minutes and will allow ADAS to analyse the pest, weed and disease pressure of your field in relation to the 300 farms involved in the pest and disease survey.

You will receive a free pest and disease benchmarking report on your field in relation to others in your region.

Gathering the information is easy:

Walk along two tramlines in the field looking for BYDV symptoms, black-grass, lodging, take-all or other diseases.

At five points on each tramline:

  • Collect one tiller from each location.
  • Remove the leaves from each plant and take photos.
  • Provide 10 images of each flag, Leaf 2, and Leaf 3.
  • Submission: Complete the short survey form and return it along with all images to IPMNET.

For detailed instructions on gathering IPMNET in-field observation data, please refer to this further guidance. If you would like more information, ADAS will be hosting a drop-in webinar on Tuesday 2 July 15:00-15:30 for a Q&A.

What is the IPM network?

The IPM network (or IPM Net for short) enables network members to collect, interpret and share knowledge and information from farms, in order to better understand the effectiveness of IPM approaches, and their impact on yield, quality and profitability.

The network is open to any interested individual or organisation. Farms involved will enter a one-year pilot to collect data, assessing the effectiveness of IPM approaches.

If you are interested in joining IPM Net, and farm field(s) of wheat, barley, beans, OSR and/or potatoes to be harvested in 2024, you can find more information at: ADAS | IPM NET – Knowledge sharing network to improve the effectiveness of IPM.

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