How The Felix Project is combating food waste

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The Felix Project team collecting surplus produce from a farm with their bright green van. The graphic on the side of the van reads

The Felix Project is a London based food redistribution charity focussed on fighting food waste and hunger. 

There are currently 1.5 million adults in London who are going hungry and, last year, the The Felix Project proudly supplied almost 30 million meals to those in need.

The Felix Project collects surplus food from around 530 food businesses including grocery retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and farms.

The food is then distributed to over 1,000 front line charities, primary schools and holiday programmes in London. 

In addition, The Felix Project makes around 4,000 balanced and nutritious pre-cooked meals at their Poplar depot, which are also distributed across the capital. With many more charities on their waiting list for donations, The Felix Project is always looking for opportunities to source food waste and surpluses to produce more meals for the most vulnerable.

The charity redistributes surplus food free of charge to local food banks, homeless shelters, primary schools and other community organisations. They accept a wide range of nutritious foods including perishable items like fruits and vegetables and have the infrastructure and logistics to be able to turn around short-dated products.

Putting surplus to good use

T&S Bradley Farm, run by brothers Trevor and Stephen Bradley, grows vegetables and crops for the premium wholesale market as well as to farm shops.

Due to the nature of the demand profile and specification requirements for their produce, as well as changes to the climate which impact growing conditions, they can occasionally produce surplus stock. As a result, they have developed a long-standing relationship with the Felix Project, who send volunteers to their farm to glean produce and redistribute to a range of food charities around London.

“We’ve worked with the Felix Project for a number of years now,” explains T&S Bradley Farm co-owner Trevor. “They make use of any vegetables that may not meet the required standards, for example cracked, cut or small potatoes, or stock that may be left over due to lower demand.

An image of Trevor Bradley cutting his crop

“We’ve worked with the Felix Project for a number of years now, they make use of any vegetables that may not meet the required standards.”

Co-owner of T&S Bradley Farm, Trevor Bradley

“Today, they have gleaned a batch of cabbages that are left over due to a drop in demand as a result of the holiday period. The batch has also been impacted by the weather which has brought the cabbages on early, making them a bit big and a bit old for the supply profile required for our core customer base”.

How you can help

With four depots around London, The Felix Project can collect food surpluses from all over central London and from within a 100 miles radius.

The supply team at Felix would love to hear from you if your farm has surplus or downgraded fruit, vegetables or any other food items. They can provide all you need to help support you to make your surpluses available for collection.

Contact The Felix Project to discuss a collection and support millions of vulnerable people.

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