NFU welcomes revised Countryside Productivity Small Grants (CPSG) scheme claim deadline

15 December 2020

The RPA has announced an extension of the claim deadline for successful applicants of Round 3 of the CPSG scheme.

The new is deadline is midnight, 31 May 2021.

This is to allow farmers to buy and install all their items, and submit their claim for payment with evidence. This deadline has been extended by two months to allow for potential delays caused by the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Read the announcement here.

The NFU has, since the claim window opened at the end of November, (when farmers first started to receive notification of the outcome of their applications) heard concerns from members that they were struggling to meet the original 31 March claim deadline when trying to order their eligible items.

As a result of this feedback, the NFU asked the RPA and Defra to give further flexibility to help farmers comply with the scheme requirements, so this development is very much welcomed.

The NFU is still very mindful that farmers need to get on and engage with his scheme if they were successful in their application and to be reminded that the revised deadline is a longstop deadline. Claims can and should be made at the earliest possible point, some claims have already been made.

Equally, the NFU will of course be monitoring the situation going forward and in order to help us, members can always call NFU Callfirst on 0370 8458458 or email us on ZmVlZGJhY2tjcHNnQG5mdS5vcmcudWs= with feedback or comments on their progress with this scheme.

It is also important to remember that successful applicants need to confirm the items they wish to order are available before accepting their grant by using the acceptance portal by 18 January 2021.

CPSG scheme top tips 

For key reminders about this scheme click here.

Future productivity support

If you missed the CPSG scheme, the government support for the investment in technology will continue as outlined in the Agricultural Transition Plan. As part of this plan, the government sets out plans for the Farming Investment Fund which will support innovation and productivity from late 2021.

This new fund will provide targeted support to businesses so that they can invest in equipment, technology, and infrastructure that will improve their productivity and deliver environmental and other public benefits.

There will be two levels of the Farming Investment Fund:

• Farming Equipment and Technology Fund, which will offer small grants to contribute towards the purchase of a list of specified items

• Farming Transformation Fund, which will provide larger grants towards the cost of more substantial investments in equipment, technology or infrastructure, with the potential to transform business performance.

More information on the Agricultural Transition Plan can be found here.

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