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Have you been struggling with labour shortages? The MAC (Migration Advisory Committee) has been asked to review the SOL (Shortage Occupation List). The NFU will be responding to the Call for Evidence and wants to hear from you.

The SOL identifies occupations where employers are struggling to recruit sufficiently from the domestic workforce and migration is considered an appropriate alternative. Inclusion on the SOL grants an occupation more favourable migration conditions, with the aim to increase the pool of applicants for a role and reduce labour shortages.

There are currently no agricultural roles included in the list.

The MAC has been asked to review the following aspects of the SOL:

  • Which occupations on the current SOL should continue to be included and which should be removed.
  • Which occupations, if any, based on the evidence provided by stakeholders should be added to the SOL.
  • Whether the salary requirement for shortage occupations should, in future, be whichever is the higher of the going rate or £20,480.

12 April 2023

NFU to respond to the call for evidence

The NFU has launched a member questionnaire which will be used to provide evidence for our response to this review.

Roles in shortage have been identified for each sector and the questionnaire will collect data to support the inclusion of these roles on the SOL. 

The survey has now closed. Individuals and businesses can still respond to the consultation however on the government's consultation page.

The consultation will close on 26 May.

27 February 2023

Government launches consultation

The MAC has launched an inquiry into the Shortage Occupation list, seeking evidence from organisations on roles that are currently filled by migrant workers.

Read the consultation in full at: GOV.UK | Shortage Occupation List: call for evidence 2023

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  • 27 February 2023: The Migration Advisory Committee launches a call for evidence in response to its review of the Shortage Occupation List.
  • 28 April 2023: The NFU launches a member survey, seeking views from members to feed back into its overall response to the consultation.