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Our experts have analysed Defra's guidance for the SFI (Sustainable Farming Incentive). Agreements will provide an opportunity to receive payments to improve soil health. Get the details.

The SFI (Sustainable Farming Incentive) scheme has now opened for applications. Defra is taking a controlled approach to roll out. Those claiming BPS can apply online now, along with people with a Countryside Stewardship or Environmental Stewardship agreement. The application system for common land is still being rolled out; please contact the RPA for more information. 

Defra has published detailed guidance on how the SFI scheme will work. You can read the guidance in full at the Defra website: Gov.uk | Sustainable Farming Incentive guidance

Since guidance on the scheme was published, our agri-environment scheme experts have been looking at the detail. On this page you can read information about the scheme, and we've answered some of the key questions you may have.

“I would encourage all farmers to review the options that are available to them under the SFI. There will be practical options available for many farms but it is for every farm business to decide what works for them.”
NFU Vice President David Exwood

Consider your options

We're encouraging farmers to review what is available for their farm business. We've also reiterated our commitment to work with Defra to improve the scheme to make it inclusive and viable for all farmers.

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