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31 March 2022

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Take the opportunity to share your experience of the new Farming Innovation Programme.

Defra is working with UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) to provide research funding over the next few years to help improve farm productivity through innovation.

Back in October 2021 Defra launched the first of a series of funding competitions to invest in R&D for the farming industry under the Farming Innovation Programme banner. Further competitions will become available throughout this year.

Vital investment

We have argued for increased funding in this area for many years and it is vital that investment leads to all farmers and growers being supported to get involved at some level with R&D.

It is essential robust evidence is accessible to everyone to improve decision-making and provide feedback on what works on farm.

Last year’s competitions

In October 2021 the first three competitions under industry-led R&D Partnerships Fund were launched with total funding of £17.5m shared between:

  • Research starter projects
  • Feasibility
  • Small R&D partnership projects

These funding opportunities have now closed.

Further opportunities

Another funding opportunity under the industry-led R&D Partnerships Fund for large R&D partnership projects is now open. This competition has a total of £8m of funding available for large collaborative business-led projects.

The deadline for applications is 29 June.

Find out more about the competition at Farming Innovation Programme - large R&D partnership projects.

You can use register for briefing events via Zoom on 5 April and UKRI on 20 April.

Farming Futures R&D Fund

On 30 March 2022 Defra launched the first of four competitions under its second fund, the Farming Futures R&D Fund.

The competition is focused on climate smart farming and is open for expressions of interest until 18 May. A total of £12.5m of funding is available. Apply at Defra’s page on Farming Futures R&D Fund: Climate smart farming.

More details on the scope of this competition can be found on Defra’s blog.

Register via UKRI for a briefing event on 7 April.

We want to hear from you

We would like to know from any of our members who looked at these opportunities what their experiences were, good or bad. This feedback will help with future NFU discussions with Defra and UKRI.

If you have feedback please email us on [email protected].

Further information

If you are interested in the Farming Innovation Programme please visit the dedicated website: Farming Innovation Programme – Farming Innovation Programme. You can also read Defra’s blog.

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