Spring 2022 roll out for Sustainable Farming Incentive

Published 08 December 2021

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A radish, camelina and phacelia seed mix cover crop

The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) is the first of Defra's three new environmental land management schemes. NFU senior countryside adviser Claire Robinson takes a look at the detail of the SFI offer for 2022.

Sustainable Farming Incentive is due to open in Spring 2022 and has a 10-week application window. Defra will be announcing the exact date in the New Year.

The offer will change until it is fully rolled out in 2025.

Agreements starting next year will be honoured by Defra and it will be possible to change the agreement every 12 months.

SFI encourages environmentally friendly farming practices. These practices or 'actions' will be set out in sets of SFI standards. Defra will announce new standards over time but the initial focus is on soil health. 

In addition to an animal health and welfare review the SFI standards for 2022 are:

  • arable and horticulture soils
  • grassland soils
  • and the moorland and rough grazing standard (only draft currently).

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