Withdrawal of authorisation for rodenticides used in open spaces

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Photograph: Stephen Barnes/Environmental Issues / Alamy

Legal authorisation for the use of certain rodenticides for open areas and waste dumps is being withdrawn. This change will take effect in July 2024 and has been instigated by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use UK, supported by HSE.

This was a voluntary decision made by the rodenticide industry to withdraw two minor uses for a restricted number of products containing the two specific active substances. This has been done to help industry meet the environmental targets placed on it by the regulator.

This change will withdraw the authorisation for use of bromadiolone and difenacoum, the only two SGARs (second generation anticoagulant rodenticides) that are currently permitted for use in open areas. It was instigated following a unanimous decision from all of the Directors of CRRU with the aim to help to meet rodenticide stewardship environmental targets.

There is a static incidence of rodenticide residues found in around 80% of barn owls, which are the HSE-nominated species for surveillance. This change will hope to address this figure by creating a simple, clear message regarding the use of SGARs; they cannot be applied away from buildings.

Sales of products due to end in July

Sales of products containing bromadiolone and difenacoum for use in open areas and waste disposal areas will end on the 4 July 2024.

Products will be permitted for use up until 31 December 2024, at which point it will become illegal to use SGAR’s to treat a rodent infestation that is not associated with a building.

Product label instructions will be changed according to the new regulations by manufacturers.

More information on using professional rodenticides on farm is available at: What do I need to buy professional rodenticides?

We also have a quick guide to on label instructions for rodenticide use: Illegal rodenticide use could affect future availability of products

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