Poole Harbour Updates

Poole harbour_55822This page links to our work on the Poole Harbour catchment and the development of a pioneering Poole Harbour Nutrient Management Scheme (PHNMS) to reduce the amount of nutrients going into the harbour, whilst creating opportunities for farming, new income streams and improving the environment.

The PHNMS has been put together by the NFU and farmers to create a solution to the issue of nutrients from agriculture causing environmental damage to the internationally designated wildlife areas in Poole Harbour. The scheme is farmer led and managed and hopes to be an alternative to regulation and create new opportunities for income generation.

Here we will share briefing updates, reports, consultations and any useful communications that will help you understand what is happening. If you have any questions then please contact Louise Stratton, Dorset county adviser on 07811 160958 or email bG91aXNlLnN0cmF0dG9uQG5mdS5vcmcudWs= 

Poole Harbour Summary document June 2020
Poole Harbour Nutrient Management Scheme is developing as an approach led for and by farmers. The summary document will hopefully give you an overview of it all and is available to download below.  As the scheme develops we will share more with you. We hope that many of you will help to shape the scheme it so that it can be for farmers by farmers. If you would like to be involved then please contact either c291dGgud2VzdEBuZnUub3JnLnVr or aW5mb0Bwb29sZWhhcmJvdXJuaXRyYXRlcy5vcmcudWs=.

Consent Order Published February 2021

The Environment Agency and Natural England finalised the Poole Harbour Consent Order Technical Investigation and Recommendations document in February 2021. The document sets out new water quality targets to achieve the ecological objectives across Poole Harbour. In an Environment Agency approved scheme such as PHNMS, landowners must bring down their average nutrient loss to ≤18.1 kg/N ha/year by 2030. Out of an approved scheme, this target must be achieved in 2021.

PHNMS Spring Trial April to July 2021

A trial of the scheme is taking place with a handful of farmers from the catchment, who represent a variety of types of land and agriculture. The trial aims to test the processes of the scheme - such as nutrient accounting, measures, and trading - and gain feedback from farmers. The results and learning from the spring trial will be used to fine tune and further develop the scheme, ready for a wider roll-out later in the year.

PHNMS Website

The PHNMS website is now live, head over to https://pooleharbournitrates.org.uk/ to find out more about the scheme. Find the full Poole Harbour Consent Order and a summary on the resource page: https://pooleharbournitrates.org.uk/resources/.

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