Emergency authorisation for use of InSyst granted for 2021

Close-up of a field of growing sugar beet

The use of InSyst has been approved for use on the 2021 sugar beet crop for the period 6 May to 31 July 2021.

The new spray programme for 2021 must be strictly followed. There are a number of important changes to previous authorisations for this product, including:

InSyst can only be used in the second spray application slot.

  • One spray programme: Teppeki
  • Two spray programmes: Teppeki + InSyst

Only one spray of InSyst is permitted, rather than two sprays as per previous authorisations.

Remember the threshold: One green wingless aphid per four plants up to 12 leaves and increasing to one green wingless aphid per plant with 12 to 16 leaves.

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