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The grocery landscape continues to be increasingly challenging to navigate. With rising input costs and constant pressures from customers to keep prices low, it can quickly become daunting.

Taking control of negotiations 

Effective negotiations are an integral part of any business and in fact, for everyday life events.

Join our newest workshop: negotiation skills, to develop the knowledge and expertise needed to plan and execute better business outcomes without jeopardising your relationship with your customer.

Negotiation training is a key skill for anyone in a business involved in supply contracts, where consideration of pricing, volumes, and a range of other terms have a huge bearing on the sustainability of your business. 

Although the course has a retail grocery bias, the key principles taught apply to all types of businesses. No matter where you are in the supply chain, you don’t need to be a direct retailer supplier to attend.

Getting the returns your business needs

As businesses are navigating soaring input costs, it is more critical than ever that you can recoup these costs from your customers. 

We know and appreciate how challenging the conversations can be. The NFU’s CPI workshops: securing cost price increases with buyers focuses specifically on how to enter cost price negotiations constructively and robustly, creating the best chance of agreeing on the price you need.

Strengthening your position by knowing your rights 

A good understanding of the Grocery Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) is essential for any business supplying directly to retailers. As supply chain relationships are put under additional inflationary pressure having a good understanding of the code has never been more important.

To further understand the principles of GSCOP and how to safeguard businesses from unfair trading practices, join our next GSCOP training event.

The course uses practical examples outlining how members can apply the code in practice and highlights the role of the Grocery Code Adjudicator (GCA) in holding retailers accountable for their actions. 

Member endorsement

We heard from a member who explained how the CPI training was instrumental in supporting them to successfully obtain the CPI needed.

During the training Ged and David briefed members on what information to prepare prior to discussions and tactics buyers were likely to use during the negotiations. 

Buyer's playbook

“What was particularly useful was Ged and David explaining the ‘buyers playbook’. After attending the course, I knew exactly what to expect from the buyer & it played out exactly how David and Ged said it would”. 

Delaying tactics

The buyer used a range of delay tactics which, credit to the training, the member was prepared for and able to stay calm and in control. 

“Because I’d prepared a clear deadline, I knew my numbers, and when the new price had to be applied, I could stay in control and anticipate all the forthcoming tactics. These included drawing out the process, delaying due to line manager sign-off, negotiating on the numbers, ignoring e-mails and attempts to alter the deadline. In the end, I successfully achieved the CPI requests needed”. 



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