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Published 19 October 2021

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Defra and the governments of Scotland and Wales have launched a consultation to inform the GB approach to plant biosecurity over the next five years, building on the previous Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain, published in 2014.

The scope of this consultation is limited to biosecurity of plants and plant products, including trees, vegetables, fruits, wood packaging material and cut flowers. It's seeking views on how government, the plant industry and the public can help to improve future plant biosecurity in Great Britain.

Specifically, the consultation asks for views on:

  • The effectiveness of the current plant and tree health regulations
  • Ways industry and government can work together to support a biosecure plant supply chain
  • How to enhance the nation’s technical capability, using innovative science and technology to keep pace with emerging threats and ensure preparedness for the future
  • Tougher action to protect against biosecurity risks associated with trees susceptible to high-risk pests and diseases.

You can read the full consultation document here.

NFU senior plant health adviser Dr Spencer Collins said:

“The NFU agrees with the importance government places on preventing and controlling pests and diseases of crops, plants and trees – recognising the significant costs outbreaks have for farming businesses, the environment and the public.

“We will examine the outline of the proposed new strategy to ensure it: maintains appropriate, risk-based national biosecurity measures to prevent pest and disease outbreaks; ensures the availability of necessary plant protection tools and innovations in plant protection technology to control outbreaks; balances effective biosecurity and access to imported young plants and propagation material; and ensures the cost of plant health controls at the border does not favour the import of finished plants and food over domestic production.”

Have your say

The NFU wants to understand members’ views, to help shape our response to this consultation.

Please send comments or relevant information to c3BlbmNlci5jb2xsaW5zQG5mdS5vcmcudWs= by 22 November 2021. Alternatively, you can respond directly to the consultation, which closes on 30 November 2021.

We will be sharing more information with members over the coming weeks to further help guide their responses to this consultation.

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