NFU Deputy President named in Public Sector Catering Most Influential 2020

26 November 2020

Farm business
Vice President Stuart Roberts at a farm in Hertfordshire

NFU Deputy President Stuart Roberts has been named in Public Sector Catering’s Most Influential 2020 list, in recognition of his work promoting the benefits of red meat and the sector to support the UK’s farmers.

The Public Sector Catering’s Most Influential (PSCMI) Top 20 list is chosen by a panel of independent judges and coincides with Mr Roberts contributing to Public Sector Catering’s ‘20% less but better meat’ campaign debate webinar.

The webinar, which took place on 19 November, debated the campaign which encourages public sector caterers to reduce their red meat consumption by 20 percent and use the savings to buy better quality UK sourced produce. The NFU used the event to again highlight the sustainability of UK beef and lamb production, and the fact that UK beef production has half the climate impact of average global beef production. Noting the importance for consumers in valuing provenance and the environmental impact of food, the NFU made the point that by sourcing from British farmers you are supporting climate friendly production systems as well as purchasing highly nutritious food. Mr Roberts urged the group to work as a collective to champion British food.

Earlier this year, the NFU made a comprehensive submission to the Efra Committee’s call for evidence on public procurement supply chains to stress the importance of the government’s own purchasing decisions and public sector procurement guidelines

NFU Deputy President Stuart Roberts said:

“I am delighted that I have been included in Public Sector Catering’s Most Influential 2020 list and will continue to champion the role of British farmers in reducing our carbon footprint while producing safe, nutritious and affordable food for the nation.

“It is of great importance to the NFU that the food the country produces is served to the people of Britain at every opportunity. British farmers deliver high quality, fresh, seasonal and affordable food to world-leading environmental and welfare standards. The NFU believes it is in both the public and the producers’ interests that our public sector utilises our world-leading food and farming industry to deliver safe, traceable, affordable, nutritious food.

“By investing in the nation’s food production system, the government can capitalise on the benefits which our agri-food economy delivers, whether in terms of food safety and production standards, environmental protection, or animal welfare.

“It would be perverse if the government’s own purchasing decisions and public sector procurement guidelines did not reinforce and uphold British food standards in purchasing decisions as well as future trade deals.”

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