NFU22: See our 2022 NFU Conference programme

22 – 23 February 2022

ICC, Birmingham

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The NFU's annual conference returns to the ICC in Birmingham 22–23 February 2022 with expert sessions exploring our theme, 'British farming: a blueprint for the future'.

British farming: a blueprint for the future

We have two packed days of sessions at NFU Conference this year, featuring keynote speeches from industry leaders and political heavyweights. Have a look at the programme below to see how we'll be discussing the future of agriculture and horticulture.

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Day 1: Tuesday 22 February


Opening video


Opening address (Hall 1)

Minette Batters, President, National Farmers’ Union


Keynote: Financial address (Hall 1)

Sir David Ramsden CBE, Deputy Governor for Markets & Banking, Bank of England


Is uncertainty the new normal for business? (Hall 1)


  • Iain Dale, Broadcaster, LBC Radio
  • Professor Susan Jebb OBE, Chair, Food Standards Agency
  • Jimmy McLoughlin OBE, Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future Podcast
  • Jim McMahon, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Chaired by Terry Jones, Director General, National Farmers’ Union


Lunch (Hall 3)


Keynote: Political address (Hall 1)


The Rt Hon George Eustice MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Chaired by Minette Batters, President, National Farmers’ Union


How secure is Britain’s food supply? (Hall 1)


  • Karen Betts, Chief Executive, Food & Drink Federation
  • Olly Buston, Chief Executive, Future Advocacy
  • Sam Lowe, Director of Trade, Flint Global
  • Nick von Westenholz, Director of Trade and Business Strategy, National Farmers’ Union

Chaired by Stuart Roberts, Deputy President, National Farmers’ Union




Commodity sessions


Dairy: How British dairy can be a global leader in sustainable nutrition (Hall 9)

This session will explore the role of dairy in helping provide sustainable nutrition to a growing global population. We'll  hear from expert speakers about how environmental impacts and nutrition interact, and what role British dairy farmers and processors can play in providing a key part of a sustainable diet, both for our domestic market and the wider world.


  • Michael Oakes, Dairy Board Chair, National Farmers’ Union
  • Ross McMahon, Founder, Kendal Nutricare
  • Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive, DairyUK

Chaired by
James Osman, NFU Chief Dairy Adviser


Livestock: How can the livestock sector meet the challenges of the future? (Hall 4)

We'll hear from the livestock board chair and a panel of experts who will explore some of the challenges and opportunities for the sector. We will examine consumer attitudes, how we can help mitigate climate change and improve supply chain transparency. The chair will review the work of the board and outline his strategy for a more efficient, resilient and profitable sector that is equipped with the tools to adapt and change in these uncertain times.


  • Richard Findlay, Livestock Board Chair, National Farmers’ Union
  • Nick Allen, CEO, BMPA
  • Phil Bicknell, Head of Business Development at CIEL

Panel session to also include:

  • Will Jackson, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, AHDB
  • Mark Jelley, Livestock Board, National Farmers’ Union
  • Neil Parish, MP and Chair of the Efra Committee

Chaired by
John Royle, Chief Livestock Adviser, National Farmers’ Union


Combinable crops: Nutrient cycling and managing manures for the future (Hall 5)

Looking at the effective cycling of nutrients and manure within arable systems; the opportunities, barriers and experiences across the sector.


  • Max Schulman, Finnish arable farmer and Cereals and Oilseeds Adviser for the Finnish Farmers Organisation (MTK)
  • Will Oliver, arable farmer from Leicestershire/Warwickshire, A H Oliver & Son
  • Matt Culley, Combinable Crops Board Chair, National Farmers’ Union
  • Allie Hesketh, Combinable Crops Adviser, National Farmers’ Union
  • John Williams, Head of Soils and Nutrients, ADAS

Chaired by
Anthony Hopkins, Chief Combinable Crops Adviser, National Farmers’ Union


Horticulture & Potatoes: Achieving fair inflation from the supply chain (Hall 7)

With a rapid rise in input costs, such as labour and energy, UK growers are under more pressure than ever to secure increased prices from their customers. This session will explore the challenges and opportunities of achieving fair inflation from the supply chain. Speakers will look at the role of the retail buyer, how contracts are managed in other sectors, and how the cost challenge is impacting on grower businesses.


  • Ali Capper, Horticulture & Potatoes Board Chair, National Farmers’ Union
  • David Miles, Director, The Retail Mind
  • Tim Lock, dairy farmer and Chair of the M&S Milk Pool
  • Alastair Heath, Potato Forum, National Farmers’ Union

Chaired by
Lee Abbey, Chief Horticulture Adviser, National Farmers’ Union


Poultry: The consumer’s choice – poultry meat and eggs (Hall 10)

The poultry sector has endured a number of challenges over the past 12 months and this session aims to acknowledge these challenges whilst also addressing the opportunities for the sector’s future. What will the consumer of tomorrow want to eat? The speakers in this session will cover a farm to fork perspective whilst trying to answer this question. They will share consumer insights and trends, looking back over the past 12 months and predicting what may lie ahead in the future. Presentations will be followed by a Q&A session which will offer the opportunity for audience members to put their questions to the panel of speakers.


  • Thomas Wornham, National Poultry Board Chair, National Farmers’ Union
  • William Guise, Client Manager, Kantar
  • Philip Wilkinson OBE, Executive Director, 2Sisters Food Group
  • Jake Pickering, Agriculture Manager, Waitrose & Partners

Chaired by
Aimee Mahony, Chief Poultry Adviser, National Farmers’ Union


NFU Sugar: Homegrown Beet Climate Partnership: What does this supply chain partnership mean for you? (Hall 6)

What do carbon initiatives mean for you on farm? How is the sugar beet industry coming together to improve, promote and fairly share the proceeds of the carbon footprint of homegrown sugar and its co-products? Attend the NFU Sugar breakout session to hear about how NFU Sugar is working to ensure growers receive a fair value on farm for their carbon assets.


  • Michael Sly, NFU Sugar Board Chair, National Farmers' Union
  • Tom Clarke, NFU Sugar Board, National Farmers' Union
  • Tessa Seymour, Head of Agriculture, British Sugar
  • Georgina Barratt, Applied Crop Scientist, BBRO

Chaired by
Bruno Gardner, Managing Director, NFU EnZero


Doors open for dinner (Hall 3)


Regional ‘Meurig Raymond’ awards



Day 2: Wednesday 23 February


Opening video


Keynote: World farming (Hall 1)

Dr Theo De Jager, President, World Farmers' Organisation 

Chaired by Minette Batters, President, National Farmers’ Union


Keynote: Environment (Hall 1)

Emma Howard Boyd CBE, Chair, Environment Agency 

Chaired by Minette Batters, President, National Farmers’ Union




Building business resilience – member experiences (Hall 1)

  • Ray Brown (Bidlea Dairy) – North West
  • Rob Halliday – South West
  • Llyr Jones – Cymru
  • Emily and Zoe Mee (Mee Farmers) – East Anglia
  • Paul and Nic Renison – North West
  • Henry and Edward du Val de Beaulieu (Apsley Farms) – South East

Chaired by Tom Bradshaw, Vice President, National Farmers’ Union


Closing address (Hall 1)

Minette Batters, President, National Farmers’ Union


Lunch (Hall 3)


Annual General Meeting (Hall 1 members only)


Officeholder elections (Hall 5 council only)

Event details
Start Date
22 February 2022 at 08:00
End Date
23 February 2022 at 14:00

ICC, Birmingham