SFI Pilot Agreement Management

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The Rural Payment Agency (RPA) have recently set out details around agreement management within the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) Pilot. These could be applicable to the SFI early roll out offer available later in 2022.

RPA has written to SFI Pilot participants outlining how they will approach agreement management regarding changes, annual claims and payment reviews.

Whilst this is directly applicable to SFI pilot participants, and may change, it does provide a potential template for how these issues might be managed in the SFI early roll out offer that will be available to all BPS claimants later in 2022.

The RPA has set out to pilot participants how they can:

  • Amend agreements
    Amends will be allowed once a year. Amends will be effective from the start of your agreement’s next full year.
  • Submit an annual claim
    This is due 10 months after the agreement start date. It will be an online process.
  • End an agreement
    Where it ends part way through an agreement year repayment will apply to that agreement year only.


Defra has published new payment rates for the pilot; and when you don't meet your obligations, Defra will work with you to rectify any issues, but there may be a need for repayments.

Apply for capital grants funding
There is a separate Countryside Stewardship (CS) Capital Grants (SFI pilot) online application using the Rural Payments service. Alongside the CS guidance there will be specific supplementary SFI pilot guidance for capital grants.

Read our Q&A below for more information.

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