SFI standard for IPM – take part in Defra's Test and Trial

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Could you help guide the development of the SFI (Sustainable Farming Incentive) standard for IPM (Integrated Pest Management)? Find out how you can take part in Defra's Test and Trial.

The SFI scheme aims to help farmers and growers manage land in a way that improves the sustainability of crop production.

The new IPM standard will focus on ways that combine cultural, biological, physical and chemical tools to manage diseases, weeds and invertebrate pests in an environmentally sensitive way.

New IPM tools

To support the standard, Defra is developing an online IPM decision making tool to help farmers and growers in producing IPM plans specific to their farm and cropping system. It will be examining motivations and barriers to implementing IPM on farm as part of this work.

The project will develop tools and guidance to provide reliable information for anyone making IPM decisions. The information gathered will inform the SFI standard for IPM, which is due to be rolled out in 2023.

NFU senior regulatory affairs adviser Dr Chris Hartfield said: “This new project builds on the Test and Trial work we did in 2021 and aims to provide more of the evidence to support Defra to build SFI options that support farmers and growers in delivering more IPM. This aligns with the NFU's ambition for invertebrate pest, weed and disease control decisions to be made as part of an IPM approach.”

ADAS technical director for crop protection Dr Neil Paveley said: “With key active substances disappearing from the market and resistance on the rise, we need to step up implementation of IPM to maintain effective control of invertebrate pests, weeds and diseases. The ultimate goal of this Test and Trial project is to provide farmers, growers and advisers with tools and reliable guidance to try new IPM methods. We need them to get involved in the development now so when the SFI standard does come out, it is relevant and useful for all.”

If you would like to take part in or find out more about the Test and Trial, please register your interest using this online form. Participants of the project will be reimbursed for their time.


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