'What's in my field?' downloadable field signs

05 April 2023

Straw bale in a field

We've created downloadable QR-code-ready field signs to help keep the public educated about what we're growing in our fields.

As the weather gets warmer and with bank holidays on the horizon, we will see an increase in members of the public out and about in the countryside. Keeping everyone informed about our farming activity will help grow the understanding of rural life and encourage walkers to respect the land.

‘What’s growing in my field?’ QR-code-ready signs

The signs available cover: Growing wheat, growing barley, grazing sheep, grazing cattle, looking after the environment, growing oilseed rape, growing potatoes, growing sugar, growing oats, making hay and silage and growing brassicas.

Login to download the signs here or members can order FREE field signs delivered to your door.

Order full-colour member-only correx field signs

Can't see the field sign you need?

If you want to customise a field sign with your own information, we've created a blank version that you can personalise to reflect exactly what is happening on your farm.

Select the image or the link below to download a blank A4 PDF field sign.

Then just print it and add whatever you'd like to tell people in the boxes.

Download our blank 'What's happening in my field?' sign

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