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Updated guidance on pesticide disposal

Here's a quick guide on how to safely dispose of unused, out-of-date or now unlicensed plant protection products, as well as sprayer washings and containers to avoid contamination of air, water or soil.

There are four areas of pesticide disposal that need to be considered. Click on the headings to skip to the advice:

Unapproved or unwanted pesticides

Unapproved pesticides

It is illegal to store or use any unapproved pesticides after their issued ‘wind-down period’. Check the approval status of all pesticides in your store at least once a year. Approval statuses can be found on the HSE website. Alternatively, a BASIS Registered adviser can help identify which products can no longer be legally used and require disposal. Growers should avoid storing an unwanted pesticide, and it is illegal to do so if the approval for storing and using it has been withdrawn.

Growers should follow the guidance given in the Code of Practice for using Plant Protection products. Section 5 covers disposal.

The approval status of individual pesticides can be found here.

Find BASIS Registered advisers in your area by calling 01335 343945.

Unwanted pesticides

Pesticides can become unwanted due to crop changes, resistance development, deterioration or expiration. Your supplier may take back unopened, undamaged containers of pesticide, providing the label

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