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Week beginning 9 September 2019

The Guardian exclusively revealed the NFU’s vision for achieving net zero emissions in agriculture by 2040, quoting NFU President Minette Batters, who said growing fuel for power stations, increasing the carbon stored in soils, and using technology to reduce the emissions caused by cattle and fertiliser use will help farmers reduce emissions. The story was also covered in BBC Radio’s news bulletins and online.

NFU President Minette Batters also featured on BBC Farming Today in its coverage of the NFU’s net zero plan (listen from 7 mins). She reiterated that achieving this goal does not mean downsizing production while Professor Elizabeth Robinson from the University of Reading said farming’s commitment to offsetting its carbon emissions should be celebrated. The programme also covered pearl mussels on the River Spey and the question over whether fish feel pain.

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NFU Deputy President Guy Smith appeared on Sky News showcasing the practical solutions that will help farmers achieve net zero emissions by 2040, including planting trees and hedges, growing crops for fuel and changing cows’ diet to produce less methane.

The Daily Telegraph reported on the NFU’s net zero report, highlighting recommendations to make structures in farms out of natural materials, such as hemp, to capture more carbon. The NFU also achieved coverage of the release of its net zero report in the Metro, the ipaper, MailOnline and The Yorkshire Post.

NFU media coverage: Livestock farming

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Read the NFU's national media coverage on livestock farming here:

NFU media coverage: BPS & environmental schemes

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Read the NFU's national media coverage on BPS and agri-environment schemes here:

NFU media coverage: Climate change

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Read the NFU's national media coverage on the climate change report and net zero emissions here:

NFU media coverage: Food standards

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Read the NFU's national media coverage on food production standards and imports here:

NFU media coverage: Brexit & The Agriculture Bill

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Read the NFU's national media coverage on Brexit developments here:

NFU media coverage: General licenses

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Read the NFU's national media coverage on the removal of general licenses for best bird species here:

NFU media coverage: US trade deal post-Brexit

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As US President Donald Trump began his state visit to the UK, the NFU made sure both the government and the public were fully aware of the issues at stake regarding any future trade deal the UK agrees with the United States post-Brexit. See the coverage. 

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