Planning your avian influenza secondary C&D

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Secondary C&D (cleansing and disinfection) is an essential part of getting your business back up and running after confirmation of a disease outbreak. Learn more about your options and use the NFU's decision making tool to find the best option for your farm business.

Primary cleaning and disinfection, which occurs immediately after culling of birds on an infected premises, is the responsibility of the APHA.

Secondary cleaning and disinfection is the responsibility of the farm owner, manager or keeper.

This must be thorough enough to eliminate the virus and there must be proof that cleaning of all areas of the infected premises has been done to an adequate standard.

A prepared plan can help your business to get back on its feet as quickly as possible if disease outbreak is to occur as it will reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get a plan fully approved and actioned.

In order to get livestock, birds or animals back on farm after disease has been confirmed, your secondary C&D plan must be approved by APHA. 

Even if you do not have an active disease outbreak on farm, ensuring that your C&D plan is written and prepared can help to improve the biosecurity measures on your farm, minimise the risk of disease outbreak and increase your business resilience. Scroll down to: What if I have no disease outbreak on my farm?

Find the best C&D option for your farm

Not sure which option you should take? Use our secondary C&D decision tool to help you find the best option for your farm business or holding.

Option 1

This can be the quickest option to return your business to operation, but it is the most labour and financially intensive option.

When a plan is pre-prepared and resources are available on farm to complete C&D, this option could be achieved within three months.

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Option 2

This option can take around five to six months to complete from start to finish, including time required for primary C&D and culling.

This can be the most appropriate option for seasonal businesses to complete.

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Option 3

This option is for poultry keepers who are unable to carry out secondary C&D on their premises.

It involves leaving the site empty of birds for 12 months, during which time any contaminated buildings cannot be used for other livestock or storage.

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Need-to-know issues

There are number of key areas of consideration on farm that if not acknowledged, could majorly slow down or even block the process of getting a plan passed.

We've put together a list of key considerations when filling out your plan. Check out: Key areas of consideration for C&D plans

What if I have no disease outbreak on my farm?

You can still build a C&D plan and have it checked by a avian specialist private veterinary surgeon for general suitability, even if you do not have a disease outbreak on farm. 

APHA are unable to offer a plan checking facility at this time. Nevertheless, drafting a plan is an invaluable way to prepare your farm and minimise the risk of AI.

A C&D plan can be used to identify any biosecurity gaps on your farm – once these gaps are addressed, your farm will be better prepared to handle a potential outbreak.

Better planning also reduces the likelihood of your C&D plan being rejected and requiring amendments by APHA, should your farm have a confirmed disease outbreak in the future.

Being prepared also improves the ability and speed at which your business may be able to recover from an AI outbreak.


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