Net Zero

Net Zero

Farmers and growers hold the power to make a massive contribution to combat climate warming; to be powerful we need to work together. We need to harness the power of this land force for good.

In uncertain times, we want farmers and growers to be more confident than ever before in building sustainable and resilient farming businesses.

There are many opportunities for introducing net zero measures for climate-friendly farming: productivity improvements to help the bottom line, carbon storage, renewables and the bioeconomy.

As a policy priority at the NFU, we aim to point to the best guidance and support to help you on your net zero journey.

If you're not sure where to start, try our Farm Status Indicator – it’s a quick and easy tool which will give you some ideas. The CFE website also provides a good basis for exploring net zero measures and how to go about them. 

See how others are Doing their bit for net zero.

Take a look at our net zero Pledge Map

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