Biosecurity resources for poultry keepers

08 February 2021

During the winter months the chances of birds in the UK contracting Avian Influenza increase. Cases in previous years have been in both commercial and backyard flocks - it affects all poultry keepers. The NFU has created a set of resources to highlight the importance of biosecurity and the measures that all keepers should be undertaking in order to prevent their flock contracting the disease.

To read the latest updates and information about Avian Influenza visit the NFU's AI hub.

Keep your birds safe by following our top tips:

  1. Regularly clean and disinfect hard areas your birds can access
  2. Practice good rodent control
  3. Feed and water your birds in an area which wild birds cannot access
  4. Keep an eye out for mites and worms and treat as necessary
  5. Avoid sharing water courses with wild birds
  6. Keep yourself clean by wearing clean boots and clothes and by washing your hands
  7. Keep the poultry house and equipment clean
  8. If you are worried about the health or welfare of your birds call your vet

Resources for members

Poultry biosecurity infographic_75562

The NFU's biosecurity infographic poster is a useful tool to visually see biosecurity measures. Download, print and share copies with poultry keepers so they can keep their birds safe.

The NFU's Avian Influenza top tips card is also a useful, printable resource that explains the key biosecurity measures and who to contact should you suspect a case. Download it here.

To receive the latest news in the event of an AI outbreak poultry keepers can sign up to the APHA poultry register. Anyone with poultry or captive birds can register for free by clicking here or via the GB Poultry Register Help line on 0800 634 1112.

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