Farm Safety Partnership

24 January 2022

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The Farm Safety Partnership is a collaboration of organisations with a responsibility to show industry leadership by promoting safe systems of work within all sectors of agriculture.

These organisations represent a broad spectrum of agricultural interests, including the large farming membership organisations; training providers; farming press; auctioneers; machinery dealers; and representatives from allied industries.

Committed to improving farm safety

All member organisations are committed to trying to improve farm safety within their own spheres of influence and through collaborative products within the Partnership.

Partners discuss how to co-ordinate activities to increase safety awareness, whilst also being encouraged to develop unique and complimentary ways to engage with farmers, their workers and other people who may have an influence on farm safety.

Working towards a safer industry

Throughout our work, the aim is for the message to remain constant and to work together towards a safer industry.

All this work is underpinned by members signing the Farm Safety Charter.

Aims of the Farm Safety Partnership

  • Provide leadership to improve the safety of farms and allied industries.
  • Reduce the number of deaths and major injuries to farmers, workers and anyone else coming into contact with farming activities.
  • Bring about a change in culture, attitude and behaviour towards farm safety.

How you can get involved

Organisations wishing to join the Farm Safety Partnership should be willing to sign up to the Farm Safety Charter and be willing to play an active role, both within their own sphere of influence and with the broader campaigns run by the partnership.

Applications to join can be made by emailing [email protected] and [email protected].

Keep up to date

Find out what the FSP and partners are working on via Twitter: @FSP_England.

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