New compulsory Lion Code training passport scheme to launch in January 2021

07 October 2020

Eggs at Robert Norman's farm

January 2021 sees the introduction of a new requirement for Lion Code producers to hold and complete a Training Passport as part of their membership of the Lion Code of Practice – a major milestone in the project that has been several years in development.

Benefits of the Lion Training Passport scheme include the provision of portable training records, which follow an individual should they move organisation, reducing the need for re-training in the same subjects that the individual has already been trained in. However, there is a small cost of £20 plus VAT per person per year and the scheme becomes compulsory from the 1 January 2021. Egg producers in the Lion Code are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new requirements explained on

The project is being managed by a working group led by leading egg industry consultant Jeff Vergerson and made up of representatives from the pullet rearing, pullet hatchery, egg production and education sectors.

The cost

A Lion Training Passport costs £20 plus VAT per year and is renewable annually. This includes unlimited updates, access to online records, reporting and support. However, if you register staff for your Lion Training Passports now, they will not require renewal until December 2021.

How to register

Download and complete the registration form and return to the scheme administrators to start the registration process.

More information

For more information on Lion Training Passports, including details of approved training providers and how to apply, visit the Lion Training Passport website here.

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