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Continental is offering eligible NFU member discounts on the full range of Continental agri tyres manufactured since 1 Aug 2017 with existing production code and the 'Engineered for Efficiency' logo.

Continental has invested over €100 million in its new plant and the development of a range of agricultural tyres with new technology. The brand returned to producing agricultural tyres in 2017 and has since been developing its range of tractor and combine harvester tyres at its production facility in Lousado, Portugal. 

Continental understands that tyre technology needs to continually develop to help farmers work more efficiently, and has also invested €2.5 million in an agriculture-focused research and evaluation centre to meet the demand for more efficient tyres. It is here that N-Flex Technology has been developed. This patent pending, heat treated nylon sits beneath the tyre rubber to help it return to its original shape after impact and heavy use, reducing the occurrence of flat spots and providing a more comfortable ride. 

A further technological development is fundamental to the construction of the way Continental make the tyre’s bead. The bead is the wire that helps the tyre hold the rim of the wheel. Using a single wire construction wrapped 100 times around the circumference of the tyre, Continental has created an agricultural tyre that holds the rim, even when run at very low pressures. Research shows that tyres with a single wire bead can operate up to 3 psi lower. In field operations this increases the footprint area which in turn reduces soil compaction. 

Continental offers a wide range of tyre sizes, which are available from dealers throughout the UK and Ireland, backed by a 10-year warranty, with three years stubble damage and two years field hazard protection.

What is the discount?

Continental is offering eligible NFU members discounts of up to £100* on the full range of Continental agricultural tyres manufactured since 1st August 2017 with existing production code and the ‘Engineered for Efficiency’ logo.

*To find out how much money you could save, and for eligibility please see our terms and conditions document (requires member login).

How do I claim the discount?

  • Visit an eligible tyre dealer and negotiate the best price for your agricultural tyres
  • Call NFU CallFirst on 0370 845 8458​ and request a Tyre Cashback Voucher (voucher to be sent via email, please allow up to 5 days for delivery) 
  • Once you have received the Tyre Cashback Voucher, visit the Online Claim Portal using the link provided, ensuring your Unique Claim Voucher number is entered
  • If approved, they will then process your claim within 42 days of receipt.

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